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UPVC repair training course

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a low-maintenance construction material which is most often used as a substitute for wood in window frames and sills. It’s most often utilized when installing double glazing for better security and insulation purposes.

However, this material is often used for siding too, can be found in fascia, and also when weatherboarding. Thanks to its durability even when exposed to many weather conditions, it’s considered a reliable material. Not only that, but it’s also considered a cost-effective and relatively aesthetically well-placed material, found in many houses nationwide.

However, like many other materials, chips, scratches, cracks and marks can cause problems for homeowners. With our training courses, we’ll educate you in how to repair and properly maintain uPVC, widening the array of services you can offer to your clients.

What can be repaired?

Cracks, chips, weather damage, stains, and dents are all issues that severely harm the aesthetic of a uPVC frame, but damage can also influence the structural strength of the window fittings at large, as well as impact the insulation capabilities that contribute to a home’s energy efficiency.

Many ask - can you repair uPVC window frames? The answer is yes, and this is also applicable to repairing uPVC doors. Repairs to uPVC windows require a deft hand and the ability to fix the crack or fracture by filling in the problem area and doing so in a manner that keeps the texture and colour seamless, so no repairs can be easily identified when the job is completed.

UPVC Surface Repair Training Courses

What are the benefits benefits of repairs instead of replacement?

If you can offer a repair as a contracting service, you’re able to offer a quicker, cheaper and more reliable solution than other brands. Not all contractors are capable of deft surface repairs and so having this skillset in your toolkit is certainly good marketing.

From here you can pass on the savings to your clients and become hired for work that clients may not have wanted to spend on otherwise. Additionally, this helps any other work you may have taken part in finish in its best condition possible. A small crack in otherwise well-installed uPVC can be repaired quickly so that durability is assured.

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We’ll also teach you how to equip yourself for such a job, how long a complete job should take, as well as how to properly identify when uPVC repair is needed. This way, you can remain accurate and helpful in your assessments.

Surface Repair Courses

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I’ve changed my trade and I’m now very happy. I’ve managed to get a job with Surface Magic direct too as a repair tech. Worth doing the 5 day course!

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