Stonework and Brickwork Cosmetic Repair Courses UK

Stonework and brickwork repair courses UK

Stone & brick repairs training course

Repairing the structural elements of a property will always help ensure its longevity. Having the ability to repair stone and brick surfaces as a contractor can ensure your work lasts longer, and that you can provide more competitive quotes to your clients.

Any contractor able to wield capable and careful repairs will be of infinite value to those looking for a quick remedial service, and you’ll be able to take on smaller jobs as part of your client acquisition plan.

What can be repaired?

Broken, cracked and crumbling bricks can become quite the eyesore, which is why our course is designed to help you attend to them properly.

Additionally, we make certain that you can match the exact colour and texture of each piece so the repairs, while a visual improvement, do not distract or conflict from or with the rest of the property. This lets your work speak for itself.

We also make certain that you can seal the stone or brick so that it remains waterproof and lasts for longer. This speaks to the quality of your workmanship.

Additionally, pillars, plinths, headers and chills can decay or green with age, which is why antifungal approaches can make such a difference. Solving large breakages as well as hairline cracks, you’ll be able to offer more utility and a wider array of services to your clients.

stone surface repair course

What are the benefits benefits of stone and brick repairs instead of a replacement?

To begin with, this is a cheaper service for your client to afford. They may not be able to justify the cost of a full replacement, but if you’re present to help with repairs, they may be happy to invest in your services.

Clients also tend to keep contractors able to attend to repairs in their address book, because they never know when they’ll need your services again. Additionally, this gives you the chance to offer each client a more customized package; meaning that you can suit the needs of many at one time.

When you can correctly identify the work needed for a repair, you’ll be able to estimate the brick wall repair cost with more accuracy.

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At Surface Repair Courses UK, we make sure to teach you how to repair spalling bricks, repair brickwork applied for general purposes, and even implement brick chimney repair.

Our services enable you to offer a better deal for your clients, while also enhancing the quality of your work offered. No matter if taking on a small client or a long-form project, this will empower your team in a wide variety of situations.

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only 5 days for the course

stone surface repair training

Learn how to repair all types of surfaces

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You can use these skills for years to come

I’ve changed my trade and I’m now very happy. I’ve managed to get a job with Surface Magic direct too as a repair tech. Worth doing the 5 day course!

Jamie Rush
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